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The Equus World Philosophy

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Sensitive to the changes affecting the entire world today, especially in these times of crisis, and directly concerned with multiple inter-cultural exchanges, EQUUS-World is developing a global vision of the world through various segment: its events, medias (cinema, music, "Citizens of the World") and automotive (Dream On Wheels (DOW)).

The title "Citizens of the World", is a real ode to the gathering of cultures performed by famous artists through the world.

Our dream is to demonstrate that the links between cultures are greater than their differences and that together they can bring some « extra soul » to the world. To make this dream come true EQUUS-World believe that we have to focus on creating products and media that build bridges between people and cultures. Through innovation, the creation of new sensational events throughout the world and the international development of activities connecting all the five continents, EQUUS-World believes in the new triangular link existing between Hollywood (America), Bollywood (Asia) and Nollywood (Africa).

The ambitious mission we have entrusted to ourselves aims to regroup and unify the "Citizens of the World" through a common passion and dreams we seek to share and believe are true.