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The Song

The song

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"You know I know that is the truth
Embrace the innocence of youth
So let's all stand up, and raise our hands up

I've got to let you know, we are citizens of the world
No matter where we go, no borders on our soul
We are citizens of the world"

The EQUUS-World concept "Citizens of the World" gave birth to a significant piece of music intended to become a powerful vibration which annihilate the differences between people and create links between cultures.

“Citizens of the World” is a song, a video documentary, and an international humanitarian vision, which was written by Flying Machines, an emerging New York based rock band,. It was recorded and filmed at Capitol Studios in six different languages and in collaboration with four international superstars: Cheb Khaled (Algeria/France), King Sunny Ade (Nigeria), Kailash Kher (India) and Cheng Lin (China), whose cumulative worldwide record sales are at 73-million to date. Khaled has transcended his origins as Algeria’s greatest singer in the rai genre.

Over a 30-year career, Khaled has risen to become one of the most celebrated performers in segments of the American music scene, in Europe and in the Arabic-speaking world. For just as long, King Sunny Ade has been a pioneer of Nigeria’s juju sound, a heady mix of percussion, electric guitars, and traditional Yoruba vocal harmonies. Cheng Lin is the voice of modern China. This luminous singer and virtuoso of the erhu (Chinese violin) made a sensational debut at age 13, and has remained the most electrifying Chinese singer of her generation for nearly three decades. She was recently named the most influential singer in China’s history. As a new century begins, Kailash Kher has stolen the spotlight in India. He leads a juggernaut band, creates music for a steady stream of Bollywood films, and he even served as an irresistibly charismatic judge on Indian Idol, a platform that quickly made him one of the most talked-about celebrities in South Asia. These artists are more than just pop stars, or even legends in their homelands. They are genuine citizens of the world.

Masterminded by Spencer Proffer and Harry Winer, both experienced virtuoso of motion and musical entertainment, they give soul to this creation. Proffer and Winer are a real dream team when it comes to creating high-powered, humanitarian entertainment. They share a fierce dedication to the principle that popular culture has a vital role to play in bridging misunderstandings and creating unity between contemporary societies.