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CHENG LIN is one of China’s best-selling artists who has influenced generations of her fellow-country men with her music. She is one of the country's most renowned vocalists and a master of the Erhu (Chinese violin) which she was taught to play by her father at the age of 6.

At the age of 13, Cheng Lin released her debut album which was an overnight sensation and pioneered a distinctly Chinese style of pop music. She went on to become the most successful vocalist of her generation with sales of over 25 million albums.

In 1985 her song “Panda Mimi” was on top of the charts of the year and soon performed on the most watched Chinese New Year’s TV special. Her music style of "Northwest Wind" swept all over China and soon started to performed sold-out touring concert over China and the US.

Very sensible to environment, human rights and charity, she even made a remarkable appearance to cinema as the leading actress in the movie "Black Snow" which won the Silver Bear Award in Berlin.

She now works both in China, where she continues to perform to huge audiences and critical acclaim across the country, and in the US where she collaborates with some of the world's top producers and artists, making music that fuses East and West and touches hearts around the world.